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Benewake Won the Final of 2016 DEMO China Spring Summit

       PhD. Li Yuan, representing Benewake (Beijing) Co. Ltd., participated in 2016 DEMO China Spring Summit on May 12, 2016, and won the champion of DEMO GOD by virtue of “Service Robot LiDAR”. It’s a great honor of all our members. We, on behalf of Benewake, thank the organizer for the opportunity, thank the media for your attention, and thank insiders and friends for your full support. 
       Benewake, a high-tech company specializing in “Robotic Eyes”, is determined to build the costly LiDAR to a core component meeting requirements of commercial products, bringing intelligent robots to thousands of households. After winning this award, we will continue our research and development work with innovative and rigorous attitudes. We hope that we could bring more astonishing products to the public in the future, and offer more convenient and valuable products to the robot industry. 
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