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  • Benewake (Beijing) Co. Ltd. ("the Company") hereby declares that your personal information will be respected and protected.Your accessing this Site proves your consent on thisPrivacy Statement interpreting the Company’s behavior of collection and usage of information and data. This Privacy Statement is closely relevant to services we provide and should be carefully read over. If necessary, on the basis of this document, make the appropriate choice.

1. Personal information

  • "Personal information" means any of the information that personally identifiesyou, including: name, gender, date of birth, identity card number, address, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, educational background, work experience,etc. Site visiting is generally personal data-free. But some of them may be needed to make us know your service requirements better and offer you improved quality services.Meanwhile the Company is entitled to verify the authenticity of the information you provide to us. The submitting of other people’s information will be a proof that you have acquired formal permission from others. We undertake that the Company will notdisclose your personal information to a third party other than the Company itself and its affiliates, except for your own wishes.

2. Collection

  • Your permission will be asked for when personal data is needed for specific services and practices, including receiving information about our products and services, accessing advanced sites subject to restrictions, registering to participate in activities or training, purchasing or registering the Company's products, participating in customer satisfaction survey, market research and promotion, staff recruitment, and legal mandatory regulations. The Company has the right to decline any requests for non-General services or practices if your personal information is in absence.

3. Usage

  • The personal information you provide will be only used and shared within the Company or among its affiliates with the single purpose of serving you in a better way, for instance,making a contact with you to offer services desired for.

4. Security

  • The Company undertakes to ensure the security of your personal information and no sales or illegal provision to others will be allowed. At the same time, strictarrangementswill be made to protect your data from unauthorized access, use, alteration, destruction or disclosure.

5. Protection of minors

  • Legal provisions concerning minor protection are closely followed by the Site which will not intentionally collect personal information about the minors. Such data shall be submitted only after your revealing of the fact and when agreements of custodians are achieved.The definition of "minors" shall be determined in accordance with the law applicable in this Statement.

6. Cookie

  • A"Cookie" is a tiny piece of text web server places on your computer, through which,some informationcan be stored in your computer when you visit the Site. It cannot be used to run the program, nor will spread the virus to your computer.Using "Cookie" is to provide you with a time-saving and easy-to-use feature butwill not automatically gatheryour any personal information. Technologies like Web beacon may be additionally applied to optimize this Site for better services. It is your voluntary choice to accept "Cookie" or not.

7. Links to other sites

  • This Site may contain links to other sites, whose Privacy Statements or contents therein are beyond the liability of the Company.

8. Legal disclosure

  • No units or individuals are allowed tomake use of this Site to disclose state secrets,endanger national security, violate state, social, collective benefitsor legitimate rights and interests of citizens, or engage in criminal activities. Units or individuals are prohibited from through the Site, producing, reproducing, inspecting and disseminating information that the State bans dissemination of. The Company will take all legal actions to maintain the Internet security order and retain all rights to claim the responsibility! You have understood that, in accordance with the Constitution, the Criminal Law, the Regulations on the Security Protection of Computer Information Systems, the Interim Provisions on the International Networking Management of Computer Information Networks, the Administrative Measures on the Security Protection for International Networking of Computer Information Networks, and other laws and regulations and policy documents, we candisclose your personal information with no need toacquire your prior approvalandarenot responsible for this.

9. Amendments to this Privacy Statement

  • The right of amendment and interpretation of this Privacy Statement belongs to the Company. The Statement is subject to updating from time to time and the updated contents will become valid from the date of publication. Please ensure your regular visit to keep timely informed.

10. Contact

  • In case of any question, suggestion and complaint about personalinformation protection, contact details published on this Site are available for you, and we will do all we can to solve it. 11. Any act under the Statement or relating to the use of this Site is governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China and any dispute arising therefrom shall be negotiated by both parties. In case of failed negotiations, you agree to submit the dispute to the people's court where Benewake (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is legally located for arbitration.
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