TF02 LiDARMid-range distance sensor

New Generation: Farther and More Stable

TF02 Lidar is a newly developed product based on the widespread application
experience of TF01. It possesses a higher performance and is applicable to more
fields. On the basis of preserving multiple advantages from the last generation,
TF02 highly optimizes the energy system, product structure, fusion algorithm,
and shell material so as to achieve a 22-meter-long range and a more stable
ranging performance. Combining an innovative production process and multiple
software and hardware optimizations, Benewake upgrades LiDAR truly to a
consumer level and makes it applicable in numerous fields.

Remote, Accurate and Stable

The optimal range can be up to 22 m.
With the high frequency real-time measurement,
TF02 possesses impeccable data processing algorithms,
making product ranging perform more stably.

High Strength Body

An innovative production
process and hardware optimizations
make its water-proof level reach IP65.
The integrated structure
makes its body more powerful and
unbreakable, which highly
enhances its anti-corrosive quality*.

*Resistant to pesticides such as deltamethrin, basic chrome sulphate, glyphosate, glufosinate-ammonium, and azoles.

Fusion Algorithm and High Reliability

Based on the ToF (Time of Flight) principle, the product can work under 100k
Lux high light outdoors. In tandem with the original optical system design
and fusion algorithm, the product can resist disturbance from ambient light,
airflow, and electrons,resulting high data reliability.

Graphical Operation and Remote Upgrade

Concise upper computer operation interfaces integrate common functions,
such as data displaying, downloading, and Baud rate adjusting,
so as to make it more user-friendly.The new Bootloader function is convenient for
users to remotely upgrade product firmware online.

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